I am You! A presence you dreamed up as it dreamed you.

Da Zain is the silent flicker that, compelled by the power of love, explodes unto the terrifying beauty of being. Unto art*! Art that flows as musical visions, as moving image, as musing image, through the cracks in the unreal world of the familiar! Art that flows between the reality of silence and the falsifications of language, illuminating split minds and dispelling fractured perceptions. Inspired by the unknown, Da Zain launches a techno-shamanic rescue mission to reclaim reality.

Cinema, the medium of light and time, is the dramatic terrain where the alienating forces of industrial technologies challenge the visionary powers of lived poetry. Can the militant force of mechanization be reclaimed by the gentle power of imagination? Can techne cede fear to love? Can poiesis heal the split mind of the techno-human?

Da Zain explores the violent communication between technology and embodiment, questioning the gifts and dangers of techno-human enmeshment. This launches a necessarily hybrid, heterogenic and hysteric** artistic practice of future cinemas as poetic environments. Drawn from dream – the existential reality of thought – subjects emerge in the singular point of view that is the I/eye. They reveal ways we assemble conditions into sense reality, opening vistas to unconditional being.

Da Zain is the consummate philosophartist (a delicate state that can instantly flip to philosofarting to remind us that even the most insightful communication is only a manner of speaking about the ineffable)!


*Art – a way of knowing, a way to scout the unknown, gather trophies from dream and articulate them in the realm of the senses

**Hysteric – from Greek “hysterikos” for womb, i.e. womb-driven






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